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urgent/need help 

Caso de violación pedófila que vi en twitter 

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I'm working on a new project to add "groups" functionality to the #fediverse. It will work entirely via federation protocols, so you'll keep using your existing #Mastodon or other #ActivityPub app account and join groups by following them.

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Real quick show of hands (boosts appreciated):

Who here on Mastodon is

(1) trans, nb, or otherwise LGBTQIA;

(2) in tech, or tech-adjacent; and

(3) has been passed over, retaliated against, or fired because of it?

Why some people think that marginalized groups get offended just for hobby?
People get offended because:
they are affected in negative ways that make their lifes harder and unpleasant
they are compassive and sympathetic with other folks.

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Asking for money for Food :boost_ok:​ 

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Bueno como ya estamos de vuelta en línea les comparto una foto que me tomé la semana pasada y que me encantó


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Software privativo 

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News orcs are saying that striking GM workers make $250/day while on strike.

That is because they have a strike fund.

That is why they pay dues to a union.

So they can put money in a strike fund, and support each other in emergencies.

What the fuck is wrong with you.

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even if you aren't a woman, this should make you sick to your stomach

women who are students in tech told to lie to someone with power over them and guard against him to avoid sexual harassment

gee I wonder why there aren't more women in tech


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asking for help, $ 

At : ¡Feliz 18! Aprovechen de descansar un poco

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In general, if you have any specific questions about:

1) Cooking, including breadmaking, yogurt and cheesemaking, and fermentation
2) Gardening, especially urban and guerrilla, as well as composting, vermiculture, soil remediation, and apiculture
3) Workplace organization and unionization
4) Emacs or Elisp
5) Protesting or Direct Action

I am probably happy to help answer them!

Please, always feel free to ask. Not just one question, I'll be your tutor in any or all these topics.

Ppl always say that children need male and female role models...
I'd like some nonbinary role models too, because most ppl don't know enbies exist and nonbinary kids a lot times don't know that being nonbinary is possible and valid (like me when i was younger).

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